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20-something college student who spends way too much time coding and rambling about books she should have stopped reading years ago. 99.8% of my journal is friend-locked, but visit my profile page to check out my interests and then comment here if you think we might have something in common. always looking for more people to have ridiculous ramblings with! here for codes? i post layouts & things over at [community profile] vipernora.


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So, if you stumble across this post, PLEASE note the following: IT IS NOT FINISHED. Some sections are incomplete, and others have absolutely nothing beneath them. There is still a fair amount of info below the cut, however, so I thought I'd keep it open so that friends could see it. Mainly, knowing that others can see this will probably inspire me to finish it faster. :P

I'm also working on switching all the codes form text-boxes to actually text, as I find it more helpful!

In the meantime, feel free to ignore.

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